Foiled Again

Holts Academy wanted to mark their 15 year anniversary event with a report documenting their journey. Their remarkable achievement has been to reconnect a generation to skills that the jewellery industry was about to lose forever and provide young people with real career opportunities. Our minimal design shows off the new Holts Academy branding with clear foil blocking on the Compass Symbol pattern to add texture. Filled with facts and figures it’s a document that is handed to trade and government and needs to balance authority with creativity... we think it does just that.

A Feast of Flowers

After working with the lovely florist Jane Packer for many years we were honoured to design the branding for The Jane Packer Foundation’s inaugural Flower Ball which was held at the Hurlingham Club on 2nd October. We designed a programme for the evening, an email flyer and landing page graphic as well place tags printed onto paper impregnated with wild flower seeds.

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Top Marks

We’ve been busy putting together collateral for the Holts Academy 2014 Awards ceremony and had much fun in producing this company seal which is used to emboss the new branding onto certificates. I hear from our friends in the marketing department that the seal has already become a huge favourite and everything is being embossed from envelopes to ties! The certificates are printed on a thick uncoated paper and have been beautifully foil blocked in gold, silver and pearl to make them extra special.

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Scrubs Up Well

Our latest branding adventure for Tala is a range of quality hardware products that includes dusters, brooms and aprons with a traditional retro styling. Tala Utility features a silver foiled rosette logo, leather cord, a die-cut swing tag and black eyelets. The red, pistachio green and cream colour scheme is echoed in some of the products themselves giving the range a distinctive look in contrast to all the plain wood out there.


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Self Storage

The 2014 Tala Originals range includes lots of lovely storage tins and jars to make your shelves beautiful. Andrew created different linear patterns for flour, tea, coffee etc and we love the way these are in sharp contrast with the period style type. The tins are ingredient specific but the glass jars are just ‘storage’ and could be used for buttons, and all manner of paraphernalia as well as foodstuffs.

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Mop Head

Whilst rifling through drawers I came across these printed samples of Butterfly Mop packaging for George East Homewares brand Elliott. I love the simple illustrative style and silhouettes created by Andrew – its so clean and has that wonderful mix of modern and retro. Elliott has now been rebranded in a more feminine style but its this blue and black incarnation which will always appeal to the graphic designers amongst us.