Romor branding by Broadbase
Chavot restaurant branding by Broadbase
Branding - 200 year logo by Broadbase
The Flour Station branding by Broadbase
Branding for ceramics by Broadbase
Bigatmo sunglasses branding by Broadbase
Bathaus branding by Broadbase
Hatton Garden Festival branding by Broadbase


Everyone knows that branding is not just about the logo. Broadbase work hard to distill the essence of a brand into something tangible that everyone understands. When a visual identity is strong, well-crafted and meaningful it goes a long way towards building a brand.

We work with every type of business from start-up designer-makers to the UK’s biggest bathroom manufacturer. This portfolio shows just some of the branding projects we have been involved with over the past 20 years. From retail showrooms to community festivals, product ranges to restaurants each is developed in close liaison with our clients. We believe that good branding evolves out of understanding and that means involving the brand’s decision makers every step of the way.