Direct mail: letterpress seed packet designed by Broadbase
Direct mail, neon perspex postcard designed by Broadbase
Direct mail, screenprinted wooden laminate postcard designed by Broadbase
Direct mail, flocked postcard designed by Broadbase
Direct mail by Broadbase: Fashion Retail Academy foiled postcards
Direct mail: Christmas Card by Broadbase

Direct mail might feel old fashioned in the digital age but when something wonderful arrives in the post it does get noticed. We send out lovely things to tempt, tease and delight. It’s a great way to show-off to new and existing clients. We’ve sent packs of sparklers on bonfire night and mince-pie chocolate at Christmas. We are probably the only studio still posting christmas cards. But we always get such good feedback. In 2022, for instance, our Mary Christmas card doubled up as a yuletide quiz to identify 33 famous women called Mary. It cheered up numerous christmas parties.

One of our favourite pieces of Broadbase direct mail is Bring Me Sunshine. It was a beautifully designed pack containing sunflower seeds, letterpress printed by Baddeley Brothers. We mailed them out in spring to coincide with the clocks going forward and the return of longer daylight hours.

Other projects include a series of very special postcards for Tim Chapman Setbuilding. To promote their carpentry and set building skills we chose unusual materials and printing techniques. Deck the Halls was screenprinted onto neon perspex, Chip off the Old Block was screen printed onto wood veneer and Ready to Roll was flocked like wallpaper.

Another postcard campaign, this one for the Fashion Retail Academy was designed to keep prospective students engaged. A series of Kraft postcards were foil blocked with shiny messages that arrived in the lead up to enrolment.