Product design: Tala storage tins and embossed mixing bowls
Product design: Letterpress christmas swing tags
Product design: pattern and packaging design by Broadbase
Artsux frames, product design by Broadbase
Product design: etched xmas decoration by Broadbase
Product design: Dot Matrix greetings cards by Broadbase
Product design: five generations of Tala Cooks Measures

It’s always a treat to see our product design and surface graphics in kitchen and gift shops across Britain. From their famous Cook’s Measure to printed tea towels we have loved the opportunity to create new products, most noticeably for our cookware client Tala.

We understand the process because we’ve brought some of our own product design to market too. It often means more than simple surface design. In the case of our Artsux frames, it involved everything from the initial spark of an idea to dealing with manufacturers, sourcing components and investing in a sample run. We were inspired whilst sourcing a hanging methods for a temporary exhibition. These funky A5 size screenprinted frames have a clear pocket to hold a postcard or photo. They stick to any glossy surface such as glass, mirror, tile or laminate using a high quality suction cup. There are a few left to purchase on our artsux shop.

Other items show here include our Dot Matrix greetings cards which allowed the sender to punch-out their own 5 letter word (we assume many of these were rude). We sold several thousand through the Royal Academy shop and the Design Museum. Also shown is a metal etched bauble that was created for Jane Packer Flowers.