ChefAid packaging, design by Broadbase
Hope & Greenwood sweet packaging by Broadbase
Packaging design by Broadbase
Surface design and packaging by Broadbase
Christmas chocolate gift, design and packaging by Broadbase
Tala packaging designed by Broadbase
Help packaging design by Broadbase
Jelly mould packaging design by Broadbase

ON THE SHELF – packaging

If it’s a household gadget Broadbase have probably designed the packaging for it! We’ve designed packaging in five languages for hundreds of Tala and Chef Aid items. We’ve also packaged sweets for Hope and Greenwood, sunglasses for Bigatmo and sparklers as a gift for our clients. Packaging is about engaging the customer, describing the product and protecting it all at the same time. We are also obsessive about the environment and sustainability which informs our design solutions and the materials we choose.